Nuestra Casa EP

by cannonandtheboxes

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// recorded February-March of 2017 //

"Nuestra Casa" is a straight-to-tape EP of 4 songs with subjects ranging from politics and cowboys to conversations with grandparents and love. Nuestra Casa translates to "our home" and the rough, lo fi aesthetic of these songs captures that perfectly. They are messy. They are raw. They are filled with mess-ups and chair squeaks- but they are as honest and telling as they could be. All of the songs were recorded live, with sparse auxiliary instrumentation added later, in my bedroom to a battered Tascam tape deck. I hope that you enjoy the personal take on these songs and the stories they share, because I enjoy telling them. -Cannon


released April 4, 2017

Cannon Rogers: acoustic/electric guitar, upright bass, vocals, mandolin, slide guitar
Alex Hodges: electric bass, piano, percussion
Bre Lieberman: vocals on "Sad Cowboy"

all songs written by Cannon Rogers
art by Chris Hodges / Cannon Rogers
mixed (on a Tascam 414 mkII) by Cannon Rogers



all rights reserved


cannonandtheboxes Rome, Georgia

cannonandtheboxes is the musical project of 17 year old singer/songwriter Cannon Rogers. He is inspired by modern songwriters such as Julien Baker, Kevin Morby, and Conor Oberst.

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Track Name: More To Do (cassette demo)
i pledged allegiance as a kid
there was no question
it was just something that everybody did

and i played with sparklers in july
smiled wide as the
red white and blue bright colors filled the sky

but now i’m hearing voices and i
don’t know what to do
16 years asleep i’ve got some
catching up to do

it’s 3 am and i’m awake
tied to a cell phone, cause there’s
so much more than we know that’s at stake

and don’t you tell me i’m too young
to watch a sergeant tremble
as at my brothers he points a gun

but now i’m hearing voices and i
don’t know what to do
it’s hard to walk a mile
in a ghost shoes

and there’s more to do

so take your flag and raise it high
all american dreams
that you’ve had to kiss goodbye

and i’m a patriot you see
i just have trouble finding hope
in a land of hypocrisy

but now i’m hearing voices
and they must be mine
i’d rather change the world
than have us cry

and there’s more to do
Track Name: Sad Cowboy (cassette demo)
it’s a long way home
from the western frontier
and his mom and dad haven’t seen him in years

but he took good notes
he’s been working real hard
he saved all his money to send her a card

but he’s just, a sad cowboy
sheriffs badge was just a toy

the breeze picks up
on the oregon trail
on the backs of wild horses in his mind he sailed

and he dreams of love
he dreams of his friends
he dreams of a world he will never see again

but he’s just, a sad cowboy
six shooter, was just a toy

and his mind became his home
as he travelled dusty roads
every town he entered in
he left covered in sin
and i hope he found his god
if that’s what he sought
i know he wasn’t lost
i know he knew the cost

and the breeze picks up
outside her window
there’s the knock of a pebble that her cowboy throws

like water they rush
to get to the sea
and he takes off his boots and leaves them on the beach

no longer, a sad cowboy
he’s got a partner
and the whole west to explore
Track Name: November 22nd (cassette demo)
a raspy old voice asks me for a light
the bones he calls fingers aren’t working quite right
i said sir they’ll kill you oh can’t you see?
he said “son i’ve been smoking since 1963”

november 22nd they took the president
thanksgiving came and then christmas went
21 years old i voted for jack
november 22nd i bought my first pack

and years later i’d find a wife
turns out i’m good a cheap small talk in bars
but women won’t stay here for life

so just give me a light

i pulled out my zippo and nursed the flame
the old mad asks me to stay, if it’s all the same
it’s three on a saturday i’ve got nothing to do
and sir i don’t mind sitting here with you

september 11th, 2001
for five and a half years i had been done
my brother worked double shifts cleaning the floors
and i went to sleep with a box of newports

nearly eight decades have been rough
i used to think menthols were tough
now i know i just need an escape to be here

so just give me that light
Track Name: The Actress (cassette demo)
i wish that i wasn’t
awake in the morning when it changed from night
cause i’ll sleep when i’m tired
but right now i’m just focused on avoiding the fight

my lungs have grown heavy
with each word i’ve swallowed back into myself
a lifetime of “i love you’s”
i’ve pushed back into my chest

but i fell for an actress
she had on a black dress
her funeral smile came, like an overture
love waited in the wings
waiting for something
a cue from the stagelights that don’t shine anymore

and i wish that i didn’t
romanticize every damn word that she spoke
because i was hoping to have more
than this old book of songs that i wrote

my fingers i numb, my lips have turned blue
and both she’s scared to touch
when i said that i cared
i hoped that i wasn’t asking of too much

but i fell for an actress
she had on a black dress
her funeral smile came, like an overture
love waited in the wings
waiting for something
a cue from the stagelights that don’t shine anymore